How To Properly Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Money Or Allowances?

Posted by | September, 2018

sugar baby asks for allowance from sugar daddyGenerally speaking, sugar daddy & sugar baby relationship is something mutually beneficial and no-strings-attached. Typically presented as wealthy,successful, older men provide financial support for beautiful, younger women in the form of paying bills, giving gifts or money, in exchange for friendship, love, worship and sex. When a sugar baby steps into a sugar relationship with a sugar daddy, they will inevitably encounter an embarrassing moment, namely the discussion of allowances and benefits. Most sugar babies worry that their potential sugar daddy may be scared away and think they are too greedy. In fact, it's natural because most sugar babies don't have a perfect solution to ask their future daddy for money gracefully. But if you are an attentive, tactful sugar baby you will definitely find some ways to make both sides feel comfortable in such a situation. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction if you want to ask for money or allowances from your sugar daddy clearly, confidently and gracefully.

1. Make Yourself Fascinating

First impressions matter. As an aspiring sugar baby, if you want to know how to get a sugar daddy to give you money and want as much cash as possible, you have to make yourself more charming and attractive. Try some lighthearted beauty treatments, such as wearing a pair of beautiful shoes, making a manicure, changing an impressive hairstyle, wearing a light makeup, and spraying a light fragrance. All in all, do something that makes you feel sexy, exudes confidence and feminine charm. On this basis, the next step will appear to be much more natural. Keep a good mood and smile, flirt with him, arouse his desire and establish a connection with him.

2. Figure Out How Much You Want

A good starting point is that you know exactly how much you want to get from your sugar daddy, which will help both parties receive more benefits and promote your sugar relationship. As a sugar baby, you need to figure out your monthly normal living expenses. Such as rent, bills, food and clothes. If you are a student or college sugar baby, you may have tuition and extra fees. Of course, you can also add some luxury goods and travel. Remember why you want to be a sugar baby and what is your purpose as a sugar baby, you must follow your heart and make yourself feel happy and satisfied.

3. Do Something For Your Sugar Daddy

Know what is mutual benefit in a sugar relationship? Sugar baby also needs to pay to gain. Many sugar babies mistakenly think that sugar daddy is the only one who should give gifts or allowances. As a matter of fact, initially giving your sugar daddy gifts is a standout among the best approaches to build a more lasting, more wonderful relationship with him. The gift you give your sugar daddy doesn't need to be expensive and it won't cost you too much. It can be a bunch of flowers, a lighter, a caring and greeting, or even a loving smile. But it means far more than that. It makes your sugar daddy feel loved, valued, and special and you can also benefit from it on the other hand.

4. Be Straightforward And Honest About Your Relationship

At the beginning of your contact,you should be straightforward and honest about your relationship. Do not be coy or pretend that you're not seeking arrangement. Both sides should better be clear about what each other want at the beginning of this relationship. If the two parties fail to reach an agreement, you may have to reconsider your relationship.

5. Ask For Sugar Daddy Allowance

Once your relationship is established, you can ask for sugar daddy allowance directly and straightforwardly. If you are still embarrassed to ask directly how much your sugar daddy can give you, you can first ask if he has had any sugar dating experience before, if so, how the process worked, what the details were, how often you plan to meet once, what is your plan after meeting and something like these . After a series of comfortable conversations, then shifting to the topic of sugar daddy allowance or money is definitely a wise decision.

6. Maintain Confidence And Expectations

Sugar daddy is usually a wealthy, older mature man who is very generous to the beautiful younger woman he likes. So, when discussing the sugar daddy allowance and benefits, just be confident and expect him to give you what you want, then naturally and politely tell him your plan for a double trip and what your sugar baby allowances are. As long as he is not a fake or salty sugar daddy, it is difficult for him to reject your pursuit. Remember that never be afraid to ask for what you expect in a sugar relationship.

7. Make The Most Of Online Dating Sites

Some people like to find sugar daddies on Twitter, while others prefer to seek arrangements on Facebook or Instagram. Indeed, this is a method that can sometimes work. However, more often you will be caught in awkward situations when talking about the sugar daddy allowance and benefits, and it is also more likely to encounter a scammer or a fake sugar daddy. Therefore, joining a sugar daddy website like SugarDaddyMeet is naturally the first choice for those smart sugar seekers. Every legit sugar daddy and sugar baby can list the allowance amount directly on the sugar profile, which makes it easy to handle the most embarrassing things in sugar daddy dating, such as money, sugar daddy allowance, sugar baby benefits, and even sex and many more. In this way, you can know from the beginning whether your sugar daddy will be willing to meet your allowance requirements, and sugar daddy also knows exactly what benefits you will bring to him.

Practice is greater than theory. Remember that sugar daddy dating is inherently mutually beneficial, and both sugar dad and sugar baby are beneficiaries. As long as you are in this relationship, you should go out and pursue it boldly when you need something.