How to Get a Sugar Daddy without Giving Sugar?

Posted by | October, 2018

online only sugar babySugar daddy dating has exploded In the past more than 10 years. In the early days of this industry, it was more common to think about platonic love or relationships since people were not as open-minded as they are now. Recently, sugar daddy dating has gone through many changes. When it comes to the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is sex and money. For some people, sugar daddy dating is all about sex, regular parties, dinner, snacks, cash. Since money, adult relationships and sex are involved, people will doubt whether sugar daddy dating is morally right.

Through the current best sugar daddy website SugarDaddyMeet and the largest sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement, we got a lot of information and data about sugar daddy dating. there are a lot of college students and young women who want to find a sugar daddy to make money to pay their bills, but they never want to meet their sugar daddy in real life. Like all other sugar daddy sites, SugarDaddyMeet and SeekingArrangement also reveal that sugar daddy dating is not prostitution. I want to get a sugar daddy without giving any sugar, which sounds ridiculous because many outsiders who don't know much about sugar daddy dating will definitely think that there is no such possibility. But the facts are definitely there, although the situation of being an online-only sugar baby does not happen much. For some others, they are just simply looking for some fun and companionship. They may talk to you for hours or chat with you for fun and entertainment. If you are looking forward to being a sugar baby without giving sugar, remember to pay attention to the following tips.

First of all, the most significant thing to be a sugar baby without meeting sugar daddy in real life is choosing the best sugar daddy website. A good sugar daddy site can do much work for you at the beginning of finding a sugar daddy, which helps you save plenty of time and money. But so many sugar daddy websites claim to be the best sugar daddy site, which one is really the best sugar daddy site on earth and how to choose a sugar daddy site?This is the key issue. As a professional, authoritative sugar daddy review site, The mission of BestSugarDatingSite is to provide the most authentic and fairest guide for all arrangement finders. This site has listed the top 10 best sugar daddy websites and many dating tips and advice for those who are serious with it. If you are looking for a NSA arrangement, you should not miss it.

I guess my second advice would be to make your intentions clear from the beginning. To be honest, it’s true that many sugar daddies are seeking arrangement for sexual purposes on sugar daddy websites. So you should be transparent about your unwillingness to engage in sexual activity and this will definitely help you progress in the sugar relationship you are looking for, even it can be a deal breaker for many men at the same time. Under this premise, once you start a new sugar relationship similar to NSA relationship or platonic relationship on the right sugar daddy website , it means you have already succeeded in half.

Sometimes online interaction brings more intimacy than face-to-face, humorous conversations can be a great starting point. There are a lot of sugar daddies who are married or already have girlfriends. They just want to look for fun and make new friends. They like to confide in a friend they have never met or share the joy of life with her. Another kind is the middle-aged, businessman sugar daddies, who are usually mature, generous, with a great personality and a sense of humor. These online sugar daddies prefer conversations, so you can talk to them about life. Relative to those sugar daddies who just want to have sex with you, these sugar daddies show more respect. Your time is purely about fun, relaxation, closeness, friendship, etc. Absolutely no drama here, they understand and respect your boundaries with multiple aspects of a relationship. For both parties, this is a solely positive relationship and you should be yourself and start good conversations with them.

After all, many male sugar daddies spend thousands of dollars a month not just to chat with you. Some extroverted sugar babies are not opposed to doing some webcam work but only for very niche fantasies that did not require them to do anything overtly sexual. As far as I know, many online sugar babies have made much money from their sugar daddies just through sugar daddy websites and webcam. If You don't want to have sex with a sugar daddy but not resist meeting him, then you can go to a concert or out to a fancy restaurant together, or even have an exotic trip.

As most sugar daddy websites have revealed, most sugar daddies are not looking for a NSA arrangement or platonic relationship. Finding a sugar daddy without giving sugar and meeting in reality is actually not an easy task and requires patience. So if you want to be an online only sugar baby, make full use of the best sugar daddy websites for yourself and keep patient and confident.